Talent Management: Is Your Company Ready for the Future?

May 10, 2016 Deb Broderson

Talent Management

When it comes to Talent Management, companies tend to be reactive in their approach to getting the right skills into the right jobs at the right time. Attracting and retaining top performers remains top of mind for business leaders but the approach to workforce and succession planning, employee development, career management and anticipation of future recruitment needs tends to remains ad hoc, which impacts the company’s bottom-line and overall employee engagement.

A survey conducted by the Corporate Executive Board shows that 85% of Fortune 500 companies feel they do not have sufficient supply of global leaders and skilled talents critical to gain the advantage in the global marketplace.  

Further studies show that key issues consistently remain the same:
•    Companies still manage hiring processes in an ad hoc manner using outdated tactics
•    There is growing demand for top performers who will stay with the company 
•    Status quo approaches don’t yield the expected results for the new workforce

A comprehensive and strategic approach to talent management – one that considers market and socio-economic dynamics, changes in globalization, advances in technology and generational differences- can have a profound impact on an organization’s success. Developing a solid framework for an effective talent management strategy should include end-to-end solutions to:


  • Attract - selection and recruitment
  • Onboard - learning and development, training, performance management
  • Optimize - career development and succession planning

In addition, we recommend a competency-based model designed with organization’s vision and values in mind to effectively attract, onboard and optimize employee performance.  Combining a competency-based approach to talent management with comprehensive behavioral reward systems can yield great results for an organization.  

Tell us,  what are you doing in the areas of Talent Management?


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Deb Broderson

Deb Broderson comes to Perks with 30 years of diverse experience leading channel marketing, marketing operations and program management teams within the technology industry. Deb has provided strategic direction to Fortune 500 clients, developed and executed global, multi-channel, go-to-market strategies and created worldwide field marketing organizations. Deb has worked on both the agency and client-side of the business, providing a well-rounded perspective to client challenges. Deb was honored as one of the Top 50 Channel Chiefs in North America by CRN.

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