Boost Employee Satisfaction in 5 Steps

September 19, 2014 Jeff Ford

Perks Employee SatisfactionEmployee satisfaction? It’s unrealistic to think that you can satisfy everyone, but with that said you can certainly try. As an employer, it makes your job a thousand times easier if workers genuinely like their job. While you can’t please everybody, here are some ideas that most employees would appreciate.

1) Keep them pleased from the start
If you begin a new-hire’s employment with a thorough orientation regarding your company, then they know what to expect (as long as the orientation includes realistic goals and accurate information).

2) Upbeat work environment
If the workplace isn’t positive and upbeat, then you can’t expect your employees to be. It’s human nature to thrive from positive feedback and constructive criticism – encourage one another and avoid micro-managing.

3) Recognize and reward hard work
We all would like to feel appreciated. Supervisors and management should be encouraged to acknowledge employees hard work. It’s also a good idea to initiate a company-wide program to recognize top performers in all different departments. Healthy competition can boost morale!

4) Encourage learning
Support employees to continue learning outside of their position with your company. And not only that, make sure they have all the resources they need. Developing skills brings a sense of accomplishment which creates higher employee satisfaction.

5) Ask if they’re satisified!
Track job satisfaction. It is perfectly acceptable to check in every now and then and ask how things are going. Maybe during a quarterly or yearly review – this is a great time to ask employees for feedback and what the company can do to facilitate. Additionally many companies implement some sort of engagement or satisfaction survey regularly in order to track employee satisfaction levels and how they correlate with increased or decreased productivity.

Your Efforts Count

We hope these pointers assist you in your efforts to boost employee satisfaction levels. Indeed, it is not an easy task making sure that everyone is happy, but by making efforts no matter how minimal or large-scale, you are showing your employees that you care about them. Additionally you are ensuring a better foundation for productivity and overall company success. When employees are content at work, many times this satisfaction reflects positively in their quality of work and the way in which they accomplish tasks.


Tell us, how does your company promote happy workers?

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Jeff Ford is a co-founder of Perks and was the original architect of Perk’s SaaS incentive solution. Since the inception of the company, he has spearheaded the direction of everything from IT to Operations to Finance. He is passionate about technology and how the web has truly changed how we work and motivate our employees, partners and customers. Jeff’s background, prior to Perks, was spent as a solution architect, web developer and as a controller in the distribution and logistics industry. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, from the University of Central Arkansas. He brings his dog Xee to work every day and considers himself lucky and proud to be a part of such a great team.

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